Brett Warren, Contractor, Craftsman

Brett has been a carpenter all his life.  And if he wasn’t a carpenter, he would build things with wood.

He has, as they say, “hands”.

After 22 years as a lead carpenter, superintendent, and contractor, Brett decided to expand his contracting business to include the millwork shop so that he could provide more connection and efficiency in the finishing stages of a project,  a more positive designer – contractor collaboration and a high quality product for a client base that cares about design and details as much as he does.

Not many contractors have their own millwork shop in the heart of the city, but the concept is paying off.  The work Brett and his team produce is precise and efficient because details are directly monitored and controlled and the team can fluidly adapt to the ever changing final stages of any construction project, even if that just means heading back to the shop to make a few necessary cuts or adjustments.

A husband, father of two boys, minor hockey and lacrosse coach, beer league hockey player and sometimes chef, Brett is the nicest bearded, burly guy you’ll ever meet.