Children’s Furniture

Custom Millwork

This custom, modular children’s furniture was designed and built to be safe, provide flexible, multipurpose storage and to be as beautiful as “adult” furniture.

The playroom project was the retrofit of ¾ of a single car garage to accommodate a busy four year old. The cubbies and compartments work with the table and rolling benches that also work as storage for toys and dress up.

The child size harvest table was built for a teacher who felt her children deserved to have a beautiful table worthy of their modern aesthetic sensibilities and somewhere beautiful to eat their lunch. The resulting table, designed with no hard edges, has been a hit with the kids.

Brett created not just a piece of furniture, but a piece of art which we are so blessed to enjoy on a daily basis. I particularly love how the children are inclined to invite just 'one more friend' until they are practically bursting off the ends of the sturdy benches, enjoying a special togetherness.

Ms. Angela Sali, Pre-K Teacher, West Point Grey Academy